StartUp of the Week: Barisieur, the coffee-maker alarm clock that will change mornings FOREVER

Another Monday, another moment to reflect on the awesome happenings in the world of start-ups. At the top of every week we take some time to unearthing the best products, apps, ideas and innovations that are looking for funding. Today it’s time to give Barisieur (the first coffee maker/alarm clock) the credit it deserves for making mornings b areable.

Last week we’re looked at Simpli Press, the French Press for the everyday coffee drinker which had only one flaw: you had to leave your bed to enjoy tasty coffee. Barisieur have fixed that problem with this genius and stylish alarm clock that doubles as a fully functional coffee machine.

Kickstarter. The production plan suggest that you’ll have your model by summer next year. It’s a year to wait but it’ll change your mornings and the way you enjoy your coffee forever!