How Learning To Bake Will Make Your Life *So* Much Better

Everyone’s favourite innuendo-filled cookery show is back on our screens at last, and tonight’s series is probably going to break every viewership record for a bakery show since the dawn of time. We know loads of you vowed to start learning baking at the end of last season and if you did, congratulations, you’re on of the few!

The truth is that baking as loads of applicable skills to situations outside the kitchen. It’s also an enriching and mindful way to spend a few hours. Here are eight reasons you should get stuck in…

1. It teaches you how to follow instructions

Baking (and cooking in general) is just an exercise of following instructions. Obviously there’s a bit more to it like timing and not dropping your creation on the way to presenting it but following basic imperatives is a good start.

Great British Bake Off

2. It totally relaxes you

Well… it has the potential to be a meditative and calming experience. Unless there are time constraints and seven other bakers around you that will put your treats to shame in front of 13 million people. No big deal.

3. It trains you to multi-task

Whisk that, put this in the oven, crack those eggs – so many things, so little time! It’ll feel a lot like trying to rub your tummy and pat your head at the beginning but over time it’ll become like second nature.

Great British Bake Off

4. You’ll make lifelong friends in the baking community

When you’re blubbing over a collapsed black forest gateau, they’ll be there to share their much better and uncollapsed black forest gateau.

Great British Bake Off

5. You’ll have a laugh

We guarantee you’ll giggle all your troubles away. Baking is so much more fun and easier when you have a sous-chef to share the credit and/or blame.


6. Life is for trying new things

Taking a swing at a new hobby could be just the lift you need, especially if your hobby for the last year has been watching Great British Bake Off re-runs.

Great British Bake Off

7. It teaches you to remain calm

Catastrophes happen. You’ve got to roll with the punches and not throw your Baked Alaska in the bin (remember Iain Watters?!)

8. The food

Because CAKE.

Great British Bake Off