Back home for Christmas? Here are 4 tips you need to survive

With the festive season so very nearly upon us, many of us will be making a journey back home for the Christmas period.

And while it’s always nice to be back in the family house, having lie-ins in your old bedroom, it can also end up being a slightly stressful time, especially if you have a big family.

But remember, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and here are 4 ways to keep it that way.

1. Make plans with people

It will be tempting to just lounge out on the sofa in front of the TV as soon as you get home (along with a standard box of Christmas chocolates of course). But while you’re back home, fill your time with seeing people you don’t get to see any other time – old friends, family members. Not only will if make you feel warm and fuzzy and make you look back at your time at home with fond memories, but making plans will also get you out of the house and stop your parents potentially getting on your nerves (not that that would ever happen – sorry mum!)

2. You don’t have to see EVERYONE

Getting together with friends and having reunions are always fun, but remember to take some down time as well for yourself so you don’t burn yourself out before the big day when Father Christmas comes and visits. You’ll no doubt have grown apart from some people in your past, and that’s ok. Make the effort to see the people you want to see and any others will be a nice Christmas bonus.

3. Grow up

It’s easy enough for your parents to still treat you like the teenager you once were before you moved out. But that doesn’t mean you SHOULD act like 16-year-old you, so if you think you’re going to unload all your washing for your mum to do while you have a nap, perhaps have a think again. By showing that you’ve changed and grown up, they’ll treat you as such.

4. Switch off and communicate

Step away from your Twitter account! So many times, we’ve all been guilty of meeting up with friends, to then realise we’re all together but all looking down at our phone. Keep your phone in your bag, or put all your phones in the middle of the table and actually catch up. Same goes with family members (yes, even the ones that you find irritating), you never know what common interests you might discover you share with your Aunty Judith.

Now what?