5 affordable weekend adventures in Leeds

Considered the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire Urban area, Leeds is a city that has been given many titles of varied specificity. But honestly, if you are thinking of visiting this lovely city, no stock title from Wikipedia will convince you – but the beautiful architecture and buckets of things to do might.

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in Newcastle“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or plane or automobile or, if you’re lucky, step outside your door to soak in everything Leeds has to offer.

1. The Royal Armouries

Boasting the largest collection of arms and amour in the UK, this free medium has a variety of displays ranging from historical eras of all out war, disarmament, the days of jousting, the effects of gun crime and a 150m arena that often hosts skill displays like jousting.


Image credit: Instagram – @Gizemble

2. Tropical World

Much more humane than a zoo, Tropical World is home of an array of wild animals and exhibitions from all over the world. From meerkats to crocs and water dragons to terrapins – Tropical World has it all. Did I mention it’s only £5 for entry, too?


Image credit: Instagram – @Craigj13

3. Leeds City Museum

More museums?! You’re damn right more museums because it’s cool to learn about the world that, y’know, you live in. Only a 10 minute walk from the station, this museum competes with London’s Nation History Museum in terms of awesome skeletal displays. Just look at this prehistoric deer below!


Image credit: Instagram – @tylerfsuk

4. Leeds Kirkgate Market

It would’t be an ‘affordable adventure’ without mention of some market/. From the outside this Edwardian building is a sight to be seen. Housing fresh food, fashion, hardware stalls and a myriad of odds and ends, this market should provide everything you need for your trip and more!


Image credit: Instagram – @Saitken88

5. Middleton Railway

The city commute saps all the romance out of train travel. Back in the day the train was a trusted mode of transportation. Sturdy and reliable, it’s always worth dedicating some time to reflecting on how awesome the railway system used to be.


Image credit: Instagram – @Lunnphotos