5 affordable weekend adventures in Newcastle upon Tyne

Tucked away up north, for many southerners Newcastle is too far to be an attainable weekend spot but that’s just an excuse. Truly one of the best university towns in the UK, Newcastle upon Tyne is a hub of business, arts and sciences which, last time I checked, was pretty much everything you look for in a weekend adventure spot.

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in Wolverhampton“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or plane or automobile or, if you’re lucky, step outside your door to soak in everything Newcastle has to offer.

1. Victoria Tunnel

A preserved 19th century wagon-way used to transport coal as well as protect 9,000 Newcastle resident during the bombing raids of WW2. This tunnel has a rich history conveyed by charismatic tour guides. For £6, there are worse dank tunnels you can explore.

Image credit: Instagram - @Claireharpz

Image credit: Instagram – @Claireharpz

2. Jesmond Dene Park

We love a park here because, regardless of the city, they are the most affordable and diverse adventures you can do when visiting for the weekend. Each with their own topography and character, Jesmond Dene Park runs parallel to the babbling river making it perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll if you don’t want to veer to far from the city center.

Image credit: Instagram - @SanmieClarky182

Image credit: Instagram – @SanmieClarky182

3. Great North Museum

We’ve all been to the London Natural History Museum so many times, the magic is lost. Inject some curiosity back into your life with a visit to the Great North Museum. Featuring loads of hands-on exhibitions and activities for all ages!

Image credit: Instagram - @Vicki3790

Image credit: Instagram – @Vicki3790

4. The Biscuit Factory

Sorry to disappoint, this isn’t actually a biscuit factory. Although, if you’re hungry for a wide array of art and design, this gallery will fill you up. Hosting four major exhibitions a year, The Biscuit Factory is always worth a re-visit if you’ve already been.

Image credit: Instagram - @Thebiscuitfactorygallery

Image credit: Instagram – @Thebiscuitfactorygallery

5. Grainger Market

And finally, whether you’re in the market (sorry, not sorry) for some tasty street food or hemp wares, Newcastle’s historical indoor market will surely have something you desire!

Image credit: Instagram - @Cannyfood

Image credit: Instagram – @Cannyfood