Why Have Adult Colouring Books Been Sweeping The Nation?

Colouring books for adults has been a sensation for a minute now and yet it seems that have always been simmering at the fringe as the next big mindfulness breakthrough. The world is more hectic than ever so it makes sense that activities as rudimentary and soothing as colouring are being marketed to those most susceptible to stress – adults.

Whether you’re into floral designs, landscapes or the Sanskrit mandalas, there’s a colouring book for every aesthetic. The mandalas are particularly interesting due to their association with both spiritual and physical increases in awareness, concentration and harmony, The India Times reports.

colouring books

So how exactly does it work? Colour therapist Amisha Mehta describes adult colouring books’ benefits loosely as using: “the vibrations and frequencies of colour. Ancient civilisations recognised the power of colour therapy to regain balance and thus, health. Colour vibrations come to earth in the form of waves emitted by sunlight.”

This colour therapy works on the Law of Resonance which explains the transferring of energy flow between two systems. It might seem a bit airy-fairy but there is legitimate science behind how certain colours evoke both negative and positive responses in our brain.

colouring books

The process of dictating what colours go where and patiently filling in the blanks promotes mindlessness and creativity.

So what are the benefits of investing your time into these colour-by-numbers books: Studies say that the act of drawing colour into parameters is extremely helpful for those deal with mental health disorders.

Spending time colouring is said to help individuals shift their focus onto the task at hand and let the negative aspects of their life disappear even for a moment – it sounds blissful to us!

colouring books

Find some great examples of books to start your mindful activities with below:

  • Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition: An Adult Colouring Book with 40 Swear Words to Colour and Relax by James Alexander
  • Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition & Colouring Book by Johanna Basford

  • Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns by Huck & Pucker