6 Ways To Adjust To Real Life After A Holiday/Gap Year Abroad

Holiday blues after a lengthy trip away? Here's how to get back to reality with ease...

So you’ve just landed on home shores. Were you backpacking around the world on an amazing gap year?  Perhaps you volunteered with disadvantaged children in Cambodia? Maybe you just went to Mykonos for the weekend? Whatever you did and wherever you went, getting back to real life after a once-in-a-lifetime holiday isn’t always the easiest transition.

Whether you’re heading off to uni in September or just heading back to the office, here’s how to adjust to life back at home.

1. Save that cash

There’s nothing worse than coming home with a big fat zero in your bank account. Make sure to budget well and resist the temptation to spend it all while you’re enjoying your last week of gap year freedom.

2. Get excited about what’s next

Start psyching yourself up for your uni course. Do some research and find the cool places to check out in the new town or city you will be moving to. Start making lists of things to pack. Get excited about all the new adventures that you’re about to have.

If you’re not heading to uni, take this chance to go after something you really want. Apply for that dream job, start a blog, take that class you’ve been wanting to try. You’ve probably gained some new life perspective while you were away, so channel that into how you approach your day-to-day life. Use your newfound passions and interests to your advantage.

3. Keep busy

If you hide away with your cat and your Netflix, you’ll definitely slip into an existential crisis and start wondering what you’re doing with your life. Combat this by making lots of plans.

Catch up with friends, join a gym, start setting up job interviews, even rearrange your entire bedroom. Whatever you decided to do just make sure that you keep moving.

4. Reconnect with your friends

With today’s technology, there’s no reason to lose touch with your friends while you’re away. Yet finally seeing them in person will make your transition back home so much easier. Why not call up your besties and go on a night out? Or host a lazy Sunday brunch? Catching up properly will make you feel a whole lot better about being back.

5. Rediscover your hometown

There’s a good chance you’ll find your hometown pretty dull compared to the amazing places you’ve visited but make the most of it. Use your time back as a good opportunity to fall in love with your city again. Sure, it doesn’t have the same history as Rome, but walking around, checking out the new shops and looking at it with tourist-eyes will give you a whole new appreciation.

6. Start planning your next trip

If you still have itchy feet, distract yourself by planning your next little getaway. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to!

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