A student’s guide to Exeter

Ah, Exeter. Let’s be honest here, part of the reason you picked it is because, other than Scotland, there’s really nowhere else further away from home than the green hills- make that literal mountains- of the South West.

It’s hardly a bustling metropolis, but when it comes to student life, Exe really has it all. Here are 4 highlights.

1. Nightlife

A word of warning here: the Exeter nightlife is more akin to that of a reasonably large town than a city- but this is a strength! Don’t fancy queueing an hour to get into student spot Timepiece? Then an indie night at Cavern is just around the corner – with a quick stop at the TP burger van, of course.

2. A foodie paradaise

Exeter is one of those places that can sometimes seem like there are more brunch spots than people, and that’s not even including those high street chains. Whether you fancy a famous, sugar rush-inducing hot chocolate at the hippy The Glorious Art House on Fore Street, or a sophisticated breakfast at Tea on the Green, overlooking the cathedral, you’ll never be short of a fry-up. Or actually, given this is Exetah, avocado toast is probably more precise.

No trip to Exeter would be complete without a visit to The Old Firehouse, though. Rumoured to be Exeter alum J.K Rowling’s inspiration for the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter, Firehouse has made its mark for their staggering array of ciders and HUGE pizzas.

3. Day trips

While at university, it’s incredibly easy to get stuck in that student bubble, especially if you’re living on campus, which has pretty much everything you need. But what’s the point of being so close to the sea and sand if you don’t take advantage of it every now and then? When the sun’s out, students flock to Exmouth to escape essays and responsibilities, or hop on a train to discover their inner hippie in Totnes.

4. Fresh air

Now this is really where you can make your friends at those city Universities jealous with all those adventurous Instagram photos. Exeter’s Quay is stunning in summer, and only a stone’s throw from the city centre. The Duryard Valley, literally on the university campus, is also a great hidden gem for hiking, with amazing views across the whole of Exeter. Escape to the hills for a quick break between lectures and you won’t regret it!