A brick wall? A hedge? What the background you choose for your blog pictures says about you

It is the unsung hero of many a blog – yet it can make or break an outfit. No, we’re not talking about a long-suffering boyfriend/photographer, or even well-chosen fedora. We’re thinking about the poor walls, in cities the world over, which provide the important settings for the stylish snaps of fashion bloggers. Never in the limelight. Always in the background of an #ootd.

Let’s get to know these under-appreciated, but vital parts of the blogosphere (budding fashionistas, this is your construction-based NTK).

1. The red brick

Inoffensive and flattering. There’s simply nothing not to like about a trusty red brick. Plus, as Millie Mackintosh knows, it looks great with an Insta filter.

2. The graffiti

For the fashion blogger who wants an easy way to incorporate a bit of grunge into a post. Also indicates that you reside in a cool hipster location (Dalston in London, or Williamsburg in New York) which we really rather doubt is glamorous Chiara Ferragni’s (The Blonde Salad) postcode/ zip code of choice.

3. The concrete


Perhaps seeking to cast off privileged associations, Made In Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue has opted for what appears to be a rather unloved concrete block in E12. Industrial chic?

4. The Portland stone

Nothing says London fashion quite like Portland stone. Hey, at Somerset House (aka home of LFW) you can’t escape its regal beige. Pandora Sykes sure knows how it complements her wine-coloured faux.

5. The foliage

When in doubt, find a hedge. A hefty shrub growing out of your rear says at once, both ‘I’m totally eco-friendly (no material blogger here)’ and ‘I’m not afraid to colour clash my outfit with green – YOLO’.