9 fun things to do as a couple

Most couples’ ideal day is spent lounging around in bed bingeing on Netflix and ordering takeaway. But who knew there were other (better) things to do together?

Just ask power-couple Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh, who recently posted a rather saucy picture of themselves sharing a bubble bath. Read on for other fun things to do with your guy.

Image credit: @professorgreen Instagram

1. Explore somewhere new

Whether a new area you’ve not been to before, or a well-known trendy street filled with vintage shops and charming cafes. Discovery is key to all relationships and helps you grow together.

2. Make a bucket list

Not only does this help us out with a few personal entries to this list, but it also reveals your hopes, desires and dreams to your partner. You’ll be closer as a result.

3. Work out together

Hit the gym, play tennis or go for a swim. It doesn’t matter what, as long as you’re being active together.

4. Do something weird

No, we don’t mean hooking up in a public loo¬†(looking at you Hugh Grant), we mean something completely alien to the both of you. If you both love sport, why not try going to Comic Con. Again, it’s all about the discovery experience and getting out of your comfort zone.

5. Have sex

Well duhh.

6. Read to each other

Apart from making you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie, reading your favourite book to your partner is a great way to share a passion. But we’re banning Fifty¬†Shades of Grey or Lord of the Rings, for both your sakes.

7. Bake

You’ve seen The Great British Bake Off, now put your newfound skills to good use! There’s plenty of scope for baking innuendo too, just ask Sue and Mel…

8. Cocktail time

Getting a bit tipsy is fun almost any time, but downing a few margeritas put together by your other half is a whole other experience. You might even discover a shared tipple, making drink orders at the bar much simpler.

9. Stargazing

It might be getting a bit chillier, and the nights are definitely drawing in, but we’re sure there are a few more hot summer evenings left to go. Why not grab a few blankets, head over to the park one evening and watch the stars come out, snuggled up under the sky?