8 simple ways to declutter and organise your life

Imagine your life is like your bedroom. Those clothes littering the floor are post-it notes covering your office computer screen. The more rubbish lying about, the less you can see to actually get work done. It’s time to sort it out.

Lucky for you that we’ve got the ultimate guide to organising your life effort-free. We’re not kidding, from keyboard shortcuts to going off the digital grid, you’re going to want to bookmark this handy list of eight simple ways to declutter and organise your life. You can thank us later.

1. Lists for life

Keeping to-do lists, yes you too, is mandatory if you want to be a productive organised person. Check out our super-fast ways to streamline your to-do lists and watch your workload shrink.

2. Keyboard short-cuts

Setting up short-cuts that occur at the touch of a key is the perfect way to save time in your busy schedule.

From canned responses to program-starting hotkeys, your keyboard is a wealth of untapped work-zapping cheats. All it needs is you to learn and set them up.

3. Set your status to AFK

Limiting social media usage should be the first thing on your list if you want to stop wasting valuable life time. Essentially the distillation of all the useless clutter in your life, your news feed is there for the taking.

Use this browser application to lock yourself out of the pesky applications. Do it, now!

4. What is more important?

Knowing your priorities is vital to sorting the work life wheat from the chaff. If you don’t know what’s more important to the success of your work life balance, then how are you supposed to decide what to declutter, and what to organise?

First steps are first steps for a reason.

5. The rule of five

If your clearing out your house of physical junk, then this handy pentagonal life rule is the way to go.

Every time you clean a room, get rid of five things you don’t use. Hell, if this includes your boyfriend, then he’s got to go. Be ruthless.

6. Come outside

Having a major cleanup of your physical reality is important, we admit. But if your head’s not free of muck, then it makes no difference.

Get outside to nature for at least 30 minutes a day and you’ll feel the stress wash away. This can mean a walk in the evening or a morning run, it’s up to you, just get on with it.

7. Say no

Your diary is chock-a-block with things you don’t really want to do, so it’s simple, don’t agree to do them in the first place.

Make excuses, tell a few fibs here and there, it’s your life after all! And there’s nothing wrong with living it the way you want to.

8. Delegation station

If you can’t get something done, palm it off on somebody else. If that’s housework your unemployed flatmate could be doing then so be it.

It’s tempting to take on literally everything that’s put in your path because you can, but it’s not healthy and eventually things will get too much. Trust us.

Now what?