8 Netflix hacks you need for Boxing Day

It’s cold, you’re hungover and Christmas is over. All we want to do is curl up under a blanket and disappear into a Netflix hole for a long, long time. 

We’re looking at 8 ways you can make the most of your Netflix, which let’s face it is totally worth it, given that it feels like your significant other at times.

1. Keep updated

Sites like New On Netflix will keep you up to date on what’s new on the site, so you won’t miss out on anything. Netflix also run the #NowOnNetflixUK hashtag on their social media to keep users informed.

2. Tailor your recommendations

Get better recommendations by rating what you watch. Although, if it gets to a point where all Netflix is telling you to watch is movies featuring Queen Latifa, maybe question your rating system. Alternatively try this to alter your recommendations:

My Account -> My Profile -> Taste Preferences

3. Create multiple profiles 

Create multiple profiles so you can share with a pal or a partner (the ultimate sign of commitment) without interrupting their viewing, revealing what you’re watching or disturbing their recommendations.

4. Exercise some restraint

If you want to be boring/have a life, you can disable the automatic play where the next episode is queued up for you. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want the next episode to play automatically, thus trapping them in a Netflix hole for multiple hours, but if you do, you can change that in the Playback Settings. Crazy people.

5. Edit the subtitles

Subtitle fonts can be infuriating, but luckily you can change all that, so no more Comic Sans for you (unless that’s what you’re in to):

Your Account -> Subtitle Appearance

6. Know the score

Make IMDB ratings visible by installing the Google Chrome extension Netflix Enhancer. This will provide you with ratings independent of the Netflix rating system.

7. Minimise movement

Use your phone as a remote so that you can put on your slanket and lie motionless for a long, long time. If you watch your Netflix via your PlayStation 3, you can sync your phone to it using the wifi so that when you’re hungover you don’t need to move an inch.

8. Hide the evidence

If you’ve been binge-watching every J.Lo movie you can get your hands on and don’t want anyone who shares your account to know about it, you can delete your entire history:

Your Account -> My Profile -> Viewing Activity and click the ‘X’ on any incriminating evidence.

Now what?