8 Instagram accounts you NEED to follow for fitspiration

When you’ve cornered yourself with excuses for why you can’t exercise, the only safe area of retreat is your phone. You say to yourself: “I can’t go to the gym, I need to reply to emails and comment on my friend’s holiday photos and then catch up on Instagram…”

But with a few tactical follows could you flip your perspective? By following these eight Instagram accounts, as chosen by Gadgette, you can constantly be filling you head with fitspiration, work out plans and healthy ideas.

1. Nude_YogaGirl

As much as it is a display of flexing prowess as it a collection of human art. Whoever this anonymous yoga star must have elastic for bones and a very high pain threshold.


Image credit: Instagram – @Nude_yogagirl

2. AnnaVictoria

A perfect account to follow if you’re just beginning your fitness journey. Full of loads of simple exercises you can do at them as well as loads of before and after shots if you need that extra fitspiration.

Image credit: Instagram - @AnnaVictoria

Image credit: Instagram – @AnnaVictoria

3. MynamesisJessamyn

Proof that there is no ‘right’ body shape for fitness and yoga. The incredibly talented yoga teacher Jessamyn proves how you don’t need to be unreasonably proportioned to pull off some awesome yoga shapes.

Image credit: Instagram - @Mynameisjessamyn

Image credit: Instagram – @Mynameisjessamyn

4. Yoga_Girl

Rachel Brathen travels the world teaching yoga and posting her findings on Instagram. As well as posing in some amazing locations, Yoga_Girl doubles as a travel blog to inspire you to work out as well as travel.


Image credit: Instagram – @Yoga_Girl

5. Blogilates

One of the top 25 health and fitness experts in the entire world, Cassey Ho is definitely someone to aspire to emulate. A pilates master who takes the arduous task of working out and transforms it with simple video tutorials as well as loads of healthy snack recipes.

Image credit: Instagram - @Bloglites

Image credit: Instagram – @Bloglites

6. Kayla_Itsines

With a whopping 4 million followers, Kayla is taking the helm as the most popular fitness Instagrammer at the moment. With a heavy focus on abs, her account might motivate you to get your crunch on.

Image credit: Instagram - @Kayla_Itsines

Image credit: Instagram – @Kayla_Itsines

7. LungesandLycra

Some of these accounts might be more disheartening than encouraging, luckily LungesandLycra has your back. Promoting realistic healthy living and a totally balanced lifestyle for the everyday fitness obsessive in training.


Image credit: Instagram – @LungesandLycra

8. Krystalcantu

This crossfit athlete lost her arm in a car accident when she was a teenager but it didn’t slow her down from achieving her dreams. An incredible model of fitness and a testament to the power of the human spirit. Truly inspiring stuff.


Image credit: Instagram – @Krystalcantu

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