8 caffeine-free ways to feel fresh this morning

No one likes getting up in the morning, and that’s a fact. But coffees can leave us feeling jittery and uncomfortable. Don’t worry though, there are some natural, caffeine-free alternatives to get you going that won’t make you feel like sh*t.

Check out these eight ways to feel instantly fresh in the morning, and you can ditch the caffeine forever.

1. Things to avoid the night before

Coffee, red wine and chocolate are big no-no’s for the previous evening. They’ve all been scientifically shown to disturb your sleep, and getting a good night’s rest is key to waking up ready to go the next day.

>2. Have a pint

Of water, that is. Drinking a big glass (like Elle Macpherson does!) as soon as you wake up will hydrate your brain and get you thinking straight. Why not try leaving a bottle across the room? This will force you to get out of bed, and make it far less likely that you’ll sink back down for an extra snooze.

3. Don’t go to bed angry

Settling down for your eight hours in the middle of a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a sure fire way to have the most disrupted sleep of your life. Sort it out.

>4. Visit the bathroom before bed

Most do, but even if you’re not in need of a trip to the throne, go anyway. The reason for this is that your kidneys will continue to work over night and by the morning your bladder will be full. This prevents mid-sleep disruptions, and might even wake you up naturally with a reason to get out of bed.

5. Crack a window

Sleeping with the window open allows a healthier flow of oxygen into the room, and carbon dioxide out. This prevents the air inside becoming stale and starving your lungs of air. It also regulates the temperature of your bedroom.

6. Have something to look forward to

Waking up every day to a job you hate, a cold, dirty house and flatmates you detest is not going to entice you out of your bed in a good mood. So start sorting your life out! Change jobs, move in with friends and clean that living room!

>7. Consistent bed times

Most people believe that eight hours is the magic number. This is false. Doctors suggest anywhere between five and eight is advisable, but that it is more important to go to bed and rise at the same times each day. Your body is great with routine, it loves it in fact. So stick to that bed time and hopefully your boss doesn’t move around what time he wants you in…

8. Noise pollution

Wearing some ear plugs has other benefits apart from deadening your flat mate’s awful music taste. Being woken up by slamming car doors or sudden shouts puts a lot of strain on your heart, and so cutting out the noise is actually very beneficial to your health.