8 apps you NEED for a weekend of partying

It’s Friday! Hooray! To fully get you in the mood for your weekend of madness, and get you prepared for all eventualities you could face (!), we have found you the perfect apps you need to get the party started, and to recover afterwards. You can thank us later.

1. Wahanda (free)

Got a last-minute invite to a party? We’ve all been there. Wahanda takes your location and finds appointments for a range of hair and beauty treatments. Phew!

2. Songkick (free)

Working out what to do this weekend? Check out Songkick for all the live music in your area this Saturday and Sunday and get your groove on!

3. CityMapper (free)

Your guru for the city – it’s hard to remember how we ever survived without this app? This app gives you the best possible route to your party in the quickest time! It even has rain safe options to make sure you arrive without looking dodgy from the elements!

4. Sing! Karaoke (free)  

We all love a bit of a karaoke after a few bevvies, let’s be honest! This app allows you to sing your favourite hits with sound effects! You can even record you and your friends having a sing song to look at the morning after.

5. Hotel Tonight (free)

We all know that feeling when you have to get the last train home, but you’re having too much fun! This app solves your problem – HotelTonight locates the hotels in your area with last minute rooms and deals available. All you need to focus on is what your next drink should be!

6. Sleepy Traveller (free)

For those who do decide to head on home post-partying, you might need this one. No one wants to be the person woken up at the end of the line by the driver (we’ve all been there…!). With this app, you can plot a location to set an alarm, so no more embarrassing moments!

7. Beanhunter (free)

It’s 9am, you open your eyes and the room is swaying. What do we need? COFFEE! This handy app finds the closest coffee shops to your location. This is what technology is for right?!

8. iDrated (£0.79)

What would have been more useful – to remedy the above – is if you had a handy app to monitor your water consumption! iDrated provides that for you – the app will collate the amount you have drank, and will send reminders through the day to keep you hydrated.