7 ways to get back into dating again after a break-up

Breaking up with someone can be tough. But don’t let that stop you moving on. Everyone knows single people have all the fun.

So whether you’ve been slowing it down on the social front for a few months, or are keen to get back on the dating scene ASAP, here are seven useful tips to kickstarting your love life once more.

1. Reinvent yourself

This can mean anything from getting a new haircut and buying a new wardrobe, to starting a new hobby in your downtime. Relationships are synonymous with routine, so broaden your horizons and you’ll be meeting new, interesting people straight away.

2. Take it slow

Literally the worst thing you can do is rush into something serious right away. There’s no expectation to instantly find your ‘one and only’ from the get-go, so calm it right down and just do what seems fun!

3. Clear out your space

Cleaning out your house, or flat of stuff you don’t need, will also help free space in your head as well. This includes chucking out all those little mementos that used to seem romantic, but now just serve as a reminder of a failed relationship. Always look forward, not back.

4. No doppelgangers

Apart from being really creepy, dating someone who’s an absolute ringer for your ex is not conducive to moving on. Natch. Of course, everyone has a type, but let’s not try and replace an old flame with an obvious replica, okay?

5. Reconnect

Now is the time to meet up with old BFFs who probably haven’t seen you in months. Stop reminiscing over the good times, and start making some new ones! Friends and family are all there to support you, single or not.

6. You’re great!

It’s a given that most newly single girls are not as confident during the post-breakup period. But trust us, you’re not undateable, and there’s probably a whole queue of people who do want you. Learn to love yourself by getting out there and building up your confidence.

7. Nothing’s changed

For those long out of the game, things can seem quite terrifying. But believe us, the dating scene hasn’t changed much. Of course Tinder and Happn now rule, but beyond the first exchanges, everyone just wants to meet somebody nice! So be yourself and give it a go.

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