7 ways to feel confident at the gym

Emily Blunt, as always keeping it real, told The Sunday Times Style that “the thought of the gym makes me want to cry”. We hear ya Em, we hear you. When you’re sandwiched between toned abs and lean legs at the gym, it’s normal to feel less than confident about your  slightly squidgy midriff or not-quite-Kardashian-worthy behind.

We all know ‘gymtimidation’ is a real thing, but you needn’t cower in the locker room, there’s plenty of ways to boost your confidence without hiring the whole gym out. And if you follow our seven-step guide, you’ll be feeling like Wonder Woman in no time, and definitely not like this guy…

How to feel super confident at the gym

Image credit: giphy.com

1. Dress the part

Turning up in trousers that often double as PJs is not a good way to feel body confident. Why not splash the cash on some quality gymwear, and instantly feel the part.

2. Wake up lazybones

We know it’s tricky to get to the gym at the best of times, but if you really dedicate yourself and go at off-peak times (this means early people) then you’ll really see the benefit. Why not get up early for a morning session, you’ll free up your evenings and kill the guilty factor too!

3. Make the right choice

Before you sign away a whole chunk of your salary for gym membership, make sure you’ve fully scouted a few places out, and made an informed decision. If you’re shy, it’s probably best you don’t make a busy road your morning workout. Perhaps a quieter, less intense gym would suit you better?

4. Would you like a tour?

When you first arrive, make sure you ask a trainer to show you around all the potentially tricky equipment. Knowing where everything is, and how to use it will help you feel more at home, and less worried about making a fool out of yourself.

5. Quit comparing

You’re never going to be Sally Pout-face with the swimwear-model body who you always seem to meet in the changing rooms, so stop trying! Everyone’s different, and no body shape is wrong. Remember that and you’ll never feel ashamed at the gym again.

6. Stock up on tunes

No, not the throat sweet, unless you’ve got a cold of course. We mean picking out the perfect playlist to drown out your anxiety on the treadmill. Remember, if you can hear your own negative thoughts, the music isn’t loud enough.

7. Roll up with a plan

Rocking up in the weights room with a perfect idea of what workout you’re going to do will instantly kill the gym jitters fluttering around your stomach. Knowing what your doing breeds confidence, and also means you won’t stand around like a wally wondering what to do.