How To Make Your Uni Halls Room A Home

The long, hot (not really) summer of 2015 has officially ended, and the wait for Freshers’ Week is finally over. Jangling nerves and awkward introductions are now the order of the day for those of you leaving for uni. However, don’t worry, there are ways to keep homesickness and FOMO away.

If you’re moving into halls, making your new room feel like the one you left behind is the first key step. Here’s how to make it cool and cosy.

1. Photos
An obvious, but essential start. Behind your bed, on the pinboard, stick them anywhere and everywhere. A never-ending gallery of loved ones from home is a sure-fire way to banish homesickness. An added bonus is that you get to add snaps of your new friends as the year progresses!

2. Duvet day
Make sure you bring along your favourite Cath Kidston duvet cover, and your favourite fluffy cushions. An easy reminder of your bedroom back home, they’re also going to be super comfy.

3. Poster power
How on earth could you possibly survive without waking up to the sight of Ryan Gosling’s tooth grin, or Miley Cyrus’ tongue stuck out at you from across the room. You can’t, obviously. So roll ’em up and stick ’em in the car! Who wants to see any of that plain old white wall anyway?

4. Snackin’
A drawer full of pringles, or a snack cabinet stuffed with maltesers is a must. If not for gorging yourself after a night out, then definitely for duvet days where your sole companion is Netflix and there’s no way in hell you’re moving. Not even for a shower. Definitely not for a shower.

5. Full of beans
Grab yourself a colourful bean bag and turn your pokey little bedroom into chill-out central. Awkward hang-outs on the bed will be a thing of the past if you remember to buy one of these perfect fiesta blue numbers.

6. Get gardening
No, we don’t mean find your inner Titschmarsh, or suddenly start planting daffodils next to your uni bar. Just buy a flat pot plant! Apart from proving to your parents that you can indeed keep another living thing alive as well as yourself, it’s also a fun project for you and your new gang of student mates.

7. Rugtime
Believe us when we say those hard uni floors are not kind on the feet. Much better to cover them up with a nice big fluffy shagpile rug, or something similar. Apart from being a good cosy aid in the chilly winter, they also look good and add a touch of homely class to proceedings. Which is good, as class is in short supply during Freshers’ Week…