7 things every woman NTK about her orgasm

Turns out you don’t have to flex yourself into 17 different yoga-esque positions to maximise your sexual satisfaction. Just take note of these steamy tips from Health.com and the pleasure will be all yours.

1. A partner for life beats a partner for a night

Science (American Sociological Review) says that you’re far mor likely to hit your mark with that special someone than with what’s-his-name-from-that-bar-the-other-week. Your anxiety levels shoot through the roof when getting busy with a stranger, and how are you supposed to enjoy yourself when you’re that tense?

2. The G-spot de-bunked

The sexual rumour of the century is a complete myth. Studies (Clinical Academy, 2014) have proven that the epicentre of the female orgasm is the clitoris (well duhh), not the vagina or the much hyped G-spot.

3. If he ain’t a looker…

It may be obvious, but the time and frequency of your orgasms are affected by how attractive the guy you’re dating is. A Pennsylvania State University study suggests that if you’re attracted to a man, or find him particularly masculine, then you’re more likely to climax at the same time, and more frequently.

4. Faking it

Putting on an Oscar-worthy performance is, in fact, not just to make the other person happy. Faking an orgasm during sex can help you get into the right mood to actually have one, like rehearsing for your big monologue – except your lines may not be that comprehensible…

5. Don’t bother going to the gym

Your heart rate and metabolism are both hugely stimulated when you’re getting frisky, which is why sex is a great form of exercise. So ditch the gymwear and invest in another type of accessory…

6. Glow in the dark

You know when people say someone is “glowing” after sex? Well, it’s not just an expression. As you climax, your circulation goes through the roof and your body releases a ton of endorphins into the bloodstream. This brings blood to the surface of your skin making you flush deeply.

7. Make some noise

Get a bit embarrassed showing your appreciation in the bedroom? Well don’t. Experts (Archives of Sexual Behaviour) say making noises during or prior to orgasming helps to arouse men and women. Remember to keep it on a leash though, you’re not in a porno. Think of your neighbours.