Stop everything! Here are 7 music apps you NEED in your life

If you love listening to music, or fancy creating some of your own, then luckily for you, there’s an app for pretty much every need. This way, you can get experimental with just a tap of your fingers, or you can access music from your favourite artists straight from your phone.

Get app happy with our 7 favourite music apps to download now.

1. Qello Concerts

The perfect app for accessing any gigs you can’t make. Qello provides custom set lists and footage from concerts that will prevent any FOMO you might be experiencing.

2. Cove

Cove is basically a musical journal, created by you. You can create your own music loops with different sounds and instruments and express yourself through music. The aim of Cove is to enable people to express their emotions through the app and create a personal profile.

3. Songza

Songza offers “share-worthy moments” created by experts – carefully curated playlists based on anything and everything, whether it’s musical moments from your favourite TV show, or a compilation from a specific genre or artist. It’s free to use and has a huge selection.

4. Pandora

Like many others, Pandora is a streaming service that allows you to listen to your favourite radio stations wherever you are. It also offers music from your best-loved artists and composers straight from your phone.

5. Spotify

Providing you with an extensive library of music, Spotify is perfect for every occasion. Create your playlists and check out those created by your friends, as well as interacting with fans and artists alike. If you stump up the £9.99 a month for the premium package, you’ll be able to skip those pesky adverts and still access music when offline.

6. Shazam

For all those times when you’re out and about and you hear a song but can’t figure out who the artist is, Shazam is your must-have. The app listens to songs and lets you know the details, and then saves all your finds to listen to later. You can use it anywhere, so you never have to leave wondering about the song that got away again.

7. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn provides you with hundreds of thousands of radio stations at your disposal, so you can listen straight from your phone. It offers ad free access to sports, music, news and talk from all over the world. Again, their premium package allows you to skip adverts and offers even more of a selection.

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