The best low calorie drinks you can order tonight

It’s Friday, you’ve had a long hard week, and most of you are off to the bar tonight for a few well-earned drinks. But most alcohol actually contains a ton of calories.

Here are six low-cal tipples you NTK so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Mojito1. Mojito

Probably the coolest beverage around, this cuban cocktail is pretty easy on the calorie counter too. Made from white rum, mint, soda water and a sprinkle of brown sugar (just a sprinkle mind), make sure you skip on the sugar syrup though!

Long Island Iced Tea2. Long Island Substitute

Swap out the super calorific cocktail for a simple tequila and soda water mix. At only 69 calories it’s far healthier, and to be honest, you won’t notice any difference after a few anyway…

Cosmopolitan3. Cosmopolitan

Only 99 calories!? Now we know why Carrie from Sex and the City loved it so much. Somebody get a round in!

Southern Comfort and diet lemonade4. SoCo and diet lemonade

It’s time to ditch the full-fat mixer and opt for the diet version, it makes such a difference! A single Southern Comfort and diet lemonade sets you back a mere 48 calories!

Bloody Mary5. Bloody Mary

Not everyone’s favourite poison, but this fruity cocktail is one of your five a day and only 90 calories! Who knew drinking could be so healthy?

Rum and diet coke6. Rum and diet coke

It’s already a Saturday night staple, but it’s worth mentioning that this pirate-themed beverage is only 65 calories. Get ’em in ya great big landlubber.