7 really fit burgers (you can thank us later)

We’re gearing up for National Burger Day – probably our favourite holiday ever, after National Ice Cream Month and International Bacon Day of course (all actual things, WE KNOW).

In celebration of this mosty holy of days (not wholey, that’s bagels not burgers) we’ve put together a collection of the most saliva-inducing bacon-filled pics we could find. God bless the beef..

1. The Peanut Butter Behemoth

Lamb bacon tucked between two beef patties with sriracha mayo, roasted garlic, onion savoury jam and creamy peanut butter (plus, more bacon).

Peanut Butter Behemoth

Image credit: Instagram (@burgerjunkies)

2. The Versace Cheeseburger

Battered onions and french fries with mature cheddar cheese, tomato and BBQ sauce, quarter pounder beef patty and crispy bacon.

The Versace

Image credit: Instagram (@burgerjunkies)

3. The burger that thinks it’s a hot dog

Woah, nelly.

4. The Waffle Wizard

Super juicy medium rare beef topped with crispy smoked bacon, cheddar, tomato, shaved onions, roasted garlic and caramelised leek waffle.

Waffle Wizard

Image credit: Instagram (@burgerjunkies)

5. The Spamela Anderson

Pineapple upside down cake, jalapeno rubbed bacon (of course), sharp cheddar and beef patty ground with spam (don’t diss spam).

Spamela Anderson burger

Image credit: pornburger.me

6. The PB&J Cronut

Donut + bacon + beef + cheese + a whole load of other AMAZING  stuff = drooling.

PB&J Cronut

Image credit: Instagram (@burgerjunkies)

7. The Everything Burger

Oh. My. Burger.

The Everything Burger

Image credit: Instagram (@ohmyburger)

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