7 Halloween events you CANNOT miss this week

Halloween is upon us, and this weekend you need to break out those mouse ears and make the most of the spooky season. But with the onslaught of parties, where to go on Saturday night?

We’ve found you a bunch of amazing events that will cater to anyone’s Halloween fancy.

1. Nightwatchers

Until November 7th, the Tower of London (as if it wasn’t creepy enough) has been given a spooky overhaul. It’s an immersive experience that takes place at night, guiding you round the tower and exploring the gory history of events there.

2. Chills in the Chapel

Union Chapel is hosting a night of scary movies, accompanied by a live orchestra to amp up the fear factor. They’re showing two movies in this atmospheric location, with fancy dress and cocktails to get in the Halloween spirit.

3. Horse-drawn Halloween rides in Richmond Park

For £48 you can be driven round Richmond Park for an hour and scared out of your wits. Tuck yourself up in a blanket for protection and clutch your glass of sloe gin for comfort whilst you hear some gruesome ghost stories.

4. Screamland

Abandon London and head to Dreamland in Margate for a funfair of horrors. Expect all the usual attractions, but for this weekend, they’ve all been injected with a Halloween twist. Of course. Expect actors running round terrorising visitors, and, more importantly, lots of haunted rides.

5. Dead Ringer Singers

The Piano Works in Farringdon is encouraging guests to dress up as their favourite deceased stars in a Halloween celebration that focuses on famous singers of the past. Grab your microphone and start practising your Whitney Houston warble, because if you like the classics then this is the one for you.

6. Boo At The Zoo

Perhaps one for during the day or if you’ve got younger relatives to entertain, London Zoo is hosting a week-long fright fest in their enclosures. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve setting any snakes free in the style of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It does involve hanging out with the bats and apple bobbing (not with the bats). Perfect if you want your celebrations to run day and night!

7. Pumpkin Carving

Fancy getting in the spirit without a big night out? Drink, Shop, Do in King’s Cross is hosting pumpkin carving sessions on the 27th and 28th of October, and for £10 you can get arty and have a cocktail thrown in as well!

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