6 no-effort ways to get healthy (right now)

At List for Life we’re no strangers to those CBA, carb-craving, gym-fearing moments. From walking a pet to getting your veg delivered, we’ve rounded up some fuss-free, really easy ways to get healthy for our fellow naturally-lazy humans.

Here are 6 no-effort ways to get healthy (and look good too!)

1. Get your eight hours

This one is quite literally a ‘no-effort’ tip. Catching up on a few z’s merely requires you to pass out on your bed for an extra hour or two per night. Experts say everyone needs around eight hours sleep every day, and that getting the right amount of time in dream land can help you live longer, boost your memory and reduce stress. So what are you waiting for? Hit the hay!

2. Pop those pills

Feeling sluggish? Always tired? Come on people, we’re adults now, there are vitamins for that stuff. Try complementing your diet with a nutritional supplement and prepare to feel fresh and invigorated each morning.

3. Get a pet

It might end up as being a whole lot of effort in the long run – what with walkies and the like – but who cares, dogs are fun, and fun definitely does not count as effort. Buying a dog – and the eventual exercise that follows – is a great way to force yourself into being a bit more active.

4. Go luxury

Quite often, the value range in your favourite supermarket is not packed with super healthy ingredients. Stuffed with extra sugar, salt and chemicals to increase shelf life, your £2 chicken fillets and frozen fishcakes are not doing your body any favours. If you can, upgrade to the premium option pronto. Apart from tasting a whole lot better, your diet will instantly be improved with no extra effort – as long as you continue to cook healthy.

5. Start puzzlin’

Don’t forget, your brain needs some healthy lovin’ too! One way to keep the old thinkbox on its toes is to do the daily crossword, or download a brain training app. Try out Fit Brains Trainer (available on iOS and Android) – it’s way more fun than all the stuffy, expensive apps your parents might do…

6. Order a veg box

Food shopping is a confirmed drag, we know, but we have a bonafide solution for you! Instead of spending hours of your life traipsing through supermarkets convincing yourself to buy organic green beans instead of that 1l tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream, get someone else to do it for you. Sign up for a weekly fruit and veg box and get it delivered straight to your door. We recommend Farmison Greengrocer boxes, which start from as little as £6.95!

Now what?