7 of the coolest and best gadgets from your youth

Warning: you’re about to get VERY nostalgic. From Tamagotchi to Gameboy, how many of these gadgets from your childhood can you remember? 

1. Bop It

Hands up who remembers this annoying, but addictive game from our childhoods? If you can recall all the different functions, you get a gold star. Here’s one to get you started… ‘Spin it’


 2. Sony Discman

Oh the days of only having access to one CD at a time. Remember plugging in your headphones, sticking on Boyzone’s new album and grooving all morning. The only way to be cool in your youth was to own one of these…along with your booklet which carried all your CDs.



3. Tamagotchi

How long did your Tamagotchi live for? These portable pets were all the rage back at school. If you looked after your pet, they could live long happy lives – although many didn’t get past 24 hours!


4. Nokia 3310

If you didn’t have one of these mobile phones back in the day, who were you?! Trying to fit your SMS into 140 characters – along with hours spent playing on Snake – this was the only phone to be seen with.


5. Furbies

One for the youngsters among you, these weird hamster robot toys were everywhere in the late-90s. Along with their own language, you could feed them by putting your finger in it’s beak mouth. It’s so clear why these were so very popular…


6. Game Boy

With the arrival of the colour screen towards the end of the nineties, the Game Boy was the only portable device to play on as a kid. How long did you spend playing Pokemon? We predict countless hours…


7. Nintendo 64

Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong… need we say any more?Released in 1997, this games console defined so many childhoods.


Now what?