6 ways to go to Glastonbury even though tickets have sold out

Once again, tickets to the world’s biggest party in a field have sold out in record time. Yup, you guessed it, Glastonbury.

Tickets to Worthy Farm’s annual 175,000 strong booze fest in a field went on sale yesterday at 9am… until 9.32am. Letting music fans catfight each other online like wild animals in Mean Girls for a whopping 26 minutes. That’s less time than you probably spent perfecting your eyebrows this morning.

But don’t go into decline if you missed out, there are other ways to ensure you’re there when the fireworks go off on 26 June next year. Here’s also how to save yourself a few hundred quid too…


1. Join the Oxfam-ily

One way to join in the Glasto fun next summer is to volunteer. It’s free (apart from a reasonable deposit of around £200) and you can work your shifts around which artists you absolutely have to see. Oxfam is the big hitter in this arena, and you can sign up here.

2. Hope the Easter bunny brings home the goods

Most of us will just grit our teeth and hope we get lucky at Easter when the ticket resale opens. It’s usually in April and can be one hell of an online scramble – the site normally crashes several times. Stay tuned to the official Glasto website for details.

3. Ticket touts are out

Due to Glastonbury’s photo registration policy there’s almost zero chance of buying a weekend ticket via a secondary ticketing outlet, so don’t try, it’ll only end in tears.

4. Bust those moves

You could always try and audition as a backing dancer? We hear Taylor Swift is a big favourite to headline this year, and she recently had a massive spat with Katy Perry over some stolen tour dancers. Maybe she’s on the lookout? Perhaps only apply if you can dance though…

5. Suck it up

If you can’t bear not going to the world’s muddiest music venue, then why not try the next best thing and hit up a different festival in summer 2016? Bestival and Latitude are fantastic second options with similar vibes and performers.

Now what?

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