6 ways to get on top of your finances before Christmas

It’s coming to that (dare I say it) festive time of year. There will be parties every weekend, new bars to try out, new winter coats to be bought, Zara blanket scarves to covet…the list goes on. But if you, like me, are a little worried that your bank account won’t be able to handle the pressure, then get savvy!

We’ve got the top tips for breaking your bad money habits, and forming new, healthy habits that your purse will love. Here are some ways to stretch your money that little bit further and get on top of your finances.

1. Ditch paper

Go digital with all of your banking. This might seem an obvious one, but many people (myself included) are still bothered by those pesky paper bank statements through their door every month. Banking apps like LearnVest will help you keep on top of your different accounts all from your phone.

2. Keep tabs on your cash

I live for my bank’s mobile app (tragic as that sounds) because it means I can keep track of every transaction no matter where I am. Check in on your spending after a huge transaction, or even at the end of each day, to make sure you’re on budget.

3. Don’t have any surprises

It’s easy to forget about the odd expenditure when you’ve got your Netflix subscription, and, if you’re fancy, Spotify Premium, as well as regular bills, all going out on different days. Set calendar alerts on your phone or laptop to remind you when you’ll have money going out.

4. Buddy Up

It helps if you have a friend to be spend-savvy with, especially if you know each other’s situation, so you have someone to curb your dining out, or to cheer you on when you’re doing well! You can treat yourselves at the same time and have nights in when you’re trying to spend less, so you’ve always got someone on-side.

5. Find great deals

Apps like Happy Hour Finder are great for finding deals near you, so you can be social without breaking the bank. I love the Be At One app that allows you to have extended happy hour and find great deals in their different bars.

6. Treat Yo’Self

It’s good to give yourself a break every once in a while, so set aside a little ‘treat fund’ every month or so to give you room to play. This will avoid the tiresome feeling of always being sensible, and will remind you that all your saving has been worthwhile.

Now what?