6 travel vloggers you should TOTALLY be following for career #inspo

These travel vloggers have taken blogging to the next level with their envy-inducing videos. From cliff diving to Bedouin roadripping, they’ve done it all. Plus, they have tons of advice to share with fellow travellers.

If you’re as addicted to travel as we are, then these are the globetrotting vloggers you should be subscribing to on YouTube. We’re getting majorly envious of their careers. Do you want to become a travel vlogger?

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1. Devin Supertramp

With a following of over four million on YouTube, Devin Supertramp

2. Sixpenny Globe

This web series follows two girls as they travel

3. The Blonde Abroad

California native Kiersten

4. Mr Ben Brown

Ben is a British vlogger

5. Casey Neistat

One of the most famous filmmakers on Youtube, Casey’s channel

6. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora not only takes her viewers on a journey to almost every continent but frequently offers her words of wisdom for all avid solo travellers – she can help with finding the best deals, haggling for bargains and budgeting for your dream destination. A few hours of watching her videos will leave you feeling like the savviest traveller around. Read our interview with Nadine here