6 tips for surviving your Spring Clean

We thought it would never end, Winter is over. The blustering onslaught of bitterness and darkness has passed and a new dawn has broken, a dawn of hope and fresh starts. We’re talking about the Spring Clean. It’s time to unfurl from the sub-conscious hibernation and open your eyes to the sorry state you’ve adopted since September.

Take a look around your flat/house and breath in that self-hatred one last time. Say goodbye to the eternal crust because the spring clean takes no prisoners. Some people enjoy the dirt purge of the spring months but for those of you that dread the clean-out, here are six tips to make the whole ordeal a little easier.

1. Crank the tunes

Every chore is less of a chore with some good tunes blaring. The trick is to set your speakers up that even if your neighbours complain, you can’t hear them. My advice is to curate a playlist beforehand and keep the energy high – anything 110BPM or above is perfect.

2. Make a day of it

Clear the schedule and make the spring clean your sole activity of the day. It always feels good to clear your living space in one fell swoop. Also, I’ve found in the past, if I spread it across a week, I make mess at the same rate that I clean. it becomes a ‘dog chasing it’s tail’ situation.

3. Call in back-up

Get a pal over to help out. Many hands make light work and all that jazz. Just don’t be surprised when it comes to cleaning their flat, you’ll be number one on the ‘helping hand’ list.

4. Turn it into a game

Trick your brain into thinking that the spring clean is some sort of deluded game. Try and set time records for certain rooms and improve your sweeping skill so that next year you’ll be ready to clean up (both meanings).

5. Think of it as a work-out

I don’t know about you, but cleaning always gets the sweats going. I start off in regular clothes and then devolve into sports shorts and a vest by hour two. Again, fool yourself into thinking that it’s just another one of those experimental work-out routines.

6. It’s only once a year

Keep telling yourself that this is the maximum amount of time it will be until you have to Spring Clean again.