6 ways to a stress-free move

Everyone knows that moving house is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have the misfortune to experience. It can reduce even the sanest of people to an absolute mess.

Not to worry. We’ve put together a must-read list of tips that’ll make moving day whizz by without a worry in the world. Take a look.

1. Take your time

Moving house is a pretty big deal, so make sure you have enough time to actually get everything done. Moving in one manic day is not going to cut it, so don’t even try. Spreading out the move over a few weekends – if you can – will give you time to do other stuff with your life besides packing and unpacking.

2. File it away

It is a must, we repeat, a must to have a documents file for all the paperwork that cannot be lost. If you’ve ever spent the night before a big holiday frantically running round the house in search of that elusive passport, then you’ll know the sky-high stress levels that come with not being organised. Get a folder. End of.

3. Hire someone who knows what they’re doing

If you’ve lived in the same place a long time, then you’re going to have bundles and bundles of stuff you probably forgot you owned. Sure, hiring a van and trekking across town on your own might save you a bunch of money, but it’s not advisable. Better to spend a little more and hire some professional help.

4. Cost everything

The budget should be your moving day bible. Using a cost calculator like this one will not only help you keep track of your spending before the move, but can also account for removal day costs like vans and travel too. Being organised really pays when it comes to accommodation changes.

5. Check it out

A moving day checklist is another must. Lots of websites offer the ‘comprehensive’ guide to swapping places, but this reallymoving.com list really is fool-proof. It’ll also stop you from leaving half your wardrobe behind.

6. Labels are your friend

Pretty self-explanatory, but a pack of sticky labels and a sharpie are your BFFs for the moving period. Don’t be flaky with your categories either – write exactly what is going into each box, on the box. Otherwise your table lamps could end up in your toiletries box – and that could make for one shocking shower indeed.