6 reasons you should start a podcast with your friends ASAP

Podcasts are here to stay so why not get on board? With microphones and audio editing equipment accessible to everyone, there’s no reason you can’t grab a couple of your closest pals and talk for an hour about what you are truly passionate about.

Start with a small audience of your friends and slowly build a following. As long as you’re having fun doing it, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from starting a podcast. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely give it a go.

1. Improve public speaking

It’s hard to believe since most of the time you’re talking to an empty room but podcasters and radio hosts develop a strength for public speaking. When confronted with a crowd, all you’ll have to do is switch on ‘podcast mode’ in your brain and let the words flow like you would on your show.

2. You can make some cash

It’s a long shot but there’s profitability to be made from talking into a microphone from your bedrooms. Hundreds of people are making their fortunes through Vlogging and podcasting is sweeping the masses in a similar way. Get yourself some sponsors or onto a podcast network and you might be able to balance podcasting as part-time self-employment!

3. Explore your interests

The best thing about podcasting is the sheer breadth of interests and audiences. Whether you want to talk about a niche style of music or film or something as broad as photography – the podcast medium is still considered underground in terms of commercial direction so take advantage of the DIY atmosphere while you can and let your ideas pour.

4. New frontier of entertainment

Okay, we’ll admit, podcasting will never overtake TV as the leading entertainment facilitator, however, it’s on the up and no-one can deny that. Take WTF with Marc Maron, for example. A comedian holed up in his garage interviewing folks simply and without pretension. WTF has grown a cult following over time, so much so that President Obama appeared on a recent episode – how much bigger could you get?

5. Fulfils the desire to perform

We all have that little person living in our brain who whispers notions of performance. The desire to perform is intrinsic to the id – the part of our brain that focuses on the ‘us’. Podcasting is the least committal form of performance. You can showcase your humour and abilities without having to don an outfit on a stage.

6. The first step into a radio career

If you ever need to explain podcasting to your parents try describing it as a radio show without a schedule. However, the audio editing skills, presenting and marketing of a podcast are totally valid radio experience. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at this industry, podcasting is the best place to start.

Now what?