6 last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas for the unprepared partner

Valentine’s Day is looming and unless you’ve agreed with your respective partner that you’re boycotting the event, you’d better have something prepared. It’s the one day you’re expected to do a nice thing, so make it count.

The day of love and commercialism is only a few days away and if you haven’t made any plans, now might be the time to start. But don’t panic! Even last minute, there’s a plethora of great Valentine’s ideas to gather inspiration from.

1. Order flowers from your phone

Everybody loves flowers but they can be a pain to pick-up and deliver. You want to avoid crushing them or letting them die of thirst, that’s a tip on the house. There are a number of apps and websites to order flowers from. If you pay the right price you might even get a prime delivery time this late.

2. Make dinner

A simple but always appreciated gesture. The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and even if you’re a terrible cook, keep reminding your boyfriend or girlfriend that it’s the thought that counts.

3. Valentine’s day tokens

Get crafty with a homemade card and token bundle. Write cute messages and gift vouchers like “Valid for 10 free hugs” and “One free dishwasher empty”. It’s the cheapest and sweetest present you can give.

4. Turn up to their workplace for lunch

Make a call ahead to one of your partner’s co-workers and make sure you know that your other half is at their desk when you roll up. You can bring a present but don’t embarrass the person you’re trying to gesture to. Be polite and respectful to all their co-workers and don’t wear a Tuxedo (that applies to all sexes).

5. Book a hotel room 

Using services like LastMinute.com, even an unorganised mess like yourself can book a romantic Valentine’s getaway. Discount prices on unsold hotel rooms have been saving potential Valentine’s disasters for years now.

6. Push the relationship forward

Presents are nice but in the long run aren’t what keep people together. Despite it’s tacky traditions and transparent money-making schemes, Valentine’s is as good a time as ever to show the person you love what they mean to you. Even if it is just making your relationship ‘Facebook Official’, it could mean the world to them.

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