6 kick-ass feminist hashtags that TOTALLY rock

Recently feminism has really taken it’s spot in the limelight of social media – and rightly so.

From celebrities to parliament, hashtags are created one after another to show the hardships and to highlight unfair differences. And these 6 certainly created discussions that went further than Twitter.

1. #ThisGirlCan

This £10m campaign from Sport England encouraged more women to take part in sports and feel less self-conscious over how they look while exercising by showing real women participating in a variety of different activities. It saw a whole of sweating, parts of bodies bouncing up and down and even some fierce make-up – no matter what your style is, you can get involved! And with figures showing that almost 150,000 women have started playing sport at least once a week since the launch of #ThisGirlCan, it seems to have been a success.

2. #TamponTax

Last October, the abolishment of the luxury 5% tax on women’s sanitary products, was voted against by MPs. Cue MP Stella Creasy who gave an inspiring – and hilarious – speech where she encouraged a male MP to say the ‘tampon’ rather than just ‘products. This led to women posting witty photos of them on social media enjoying these so-called labelled ‘luxury’ products.

3. #AskHerMore

As awards season was gearing up late last year, this particular hashtag began trending as women in the film and entertainment industry were tired of being devalued by simply being asked who or what they were wearing, while their male counterparts were asked better media questions. Before the Emmys last September, comedienne, actress and writer Amy Poehler brought back the campaign to ask women better questions on the red carpet.

4. #UseYourAnd

Gillette launched their #UseYourAnd campaign last year which encouraged women to stop limiting them presenting themselves in one limited dimension. Instead, it asked women to use the word ‘and’ to show all multi-facets of themselves and inspired both men and women to rethink and break down stereotypes.

5. #ShoutYourAbortion

Although we’re in 2016, the issue of abortion still remains a disputed issue. When American politicians threatened to block funding for Planned Parenthood, journalist Lindy West took to Twitter to share her abortion story and the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion was born. West encouraged others to share their abortion stories to show that it’s a human right and not a decision that women should be ashamed of.

6. #ILookLikeAnEngineer

During last August, a poster for job applications at a San Francisco tech company went viral, but perhaps not for the reasons you might think. Software engineer Isis Wenger who was the poster girl of the campaign was accused of sporting a ‘sexy smirk’ to lure people into the role. She hit back with an essay exposing the sexism she experiences regularly at work, and the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer was born, encouraging other female engineers to post photos with the hashtag.