6 foolproof ways to do an Autumn detox

Indulged a little bit too much over the summer in sugary cosmopolitans and several BBQs? As the nights draw in, here’s how to counter that recent excess, AND make it last.

Read on for six ways to an effective Autumnal detox.

1. Get organised

First things first, fill your kitchen cupboards with shelf upon shelf of detox-friendly supplies, such as fruit, veg, eggs, nuts and seeds. The more stocked up you are, the more likely you’ll actually incorporate these nutritious ingredients in meals.

2. Minimise temptation

If you can’t see the chocolate, crisps and biscuits, it’s less likely you’ll devour them. At least, that’s the theory. Ditch the junk – or at least hide it away – and your cravings will slowly subsist.

3. Sweet as a nut

Replace your afternoon chocolate snack with a fresh piece of fruit, or better yet, some raw nuts. All you really need at 3pm is something to give you enough of an energy boost to get through the rest of the day.

4. Drinking is cheating

People regularly say they can’t have a good time without an alcoholic drink. We disagree. Order a ‘cocktail’ instead for plenty of flavour and to look like you’re joining in – and you’ll wake up the following morning feeling fresh and hangover-free.

5. Keep a diary

Noting down some reasons you chose to go on a detox drive in the first place will be useful motivational material for when you’re feeling low and falling off the virtuous bandwagon into some calorific chips.

6. Out and about

Eating plans often get derailed when we’re out of the house and away from our carefully organised food cupboard. But this is no excuse for indulgence! Planning ahead is actually really easy, and vital to keeping you on the track.