6 amazing movie soundtracks to listen to while you work

Working with earphones can be absolute bliss. Blast some sweet melodies into your brain and wash away the nagging chatter of your coworkers. What’s even better than you favourite artists is opting for a playlist of awesome film soundtracks.

Music with lyrics can often be distracting and before you know it, you could be stood on your desk belting Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ impressively verbatim but sorely off pitch. Why not spin these amazing movie soundtracks and stay productive?

1. American Beauty

While the 1999 film starring Kevin Spacey is boasts a prowess that is equal parts stunning and harrowing, the soundtrack is weighted heavily in the category of the former. With input from Thomas Newman, Elliott Smith and Peggy Sue, American Beauty
2. Whiplash
3. TRON: Legacy

By far the most memorable part of the long awaited sequel to Tron
4. The Social Network

The first collaboration between Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the two would go on to work the soundtracks for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl. However, The Social Network
5. Inception

We couldn’t talk about movie soundtracks without mentioning Hans Zimmer. His work on modern cinema is irreplaceable and is solely responsible for engineering some of the most dramatic moments captured on film in the last 20 years. His work on the mind-bending Oscar pony, Inception
6. The Truman Show

Wearing headphones on your desk can be isolating sometimes. You watch as your coworkers mouths move but no words come out. There’s no better way to embrace and stew in this feeling on solitude than with the compositions from the Jim Carrey comedy-drama The Truman Show
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