5 ways to start thinking positively NOW in 2016

We’re all having the post-Christmas blues right now. Is your dreary outlook on life/your world get in the way of having fun? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution to getting you positive for the New Year.

Check out these 5 ways to banish the blues and negative thinking. Remember, that glass is definitely half full, not half empty.

1. Stop mind-reading

Trying to second-guess every decision another person makes is not good for your mental well-being. “He hasn’t texted me back. He must hate me.” “I haven’t been invited to the party, I must have no friends.” None of this is good people! There are so many mitigating factors out of your control, so wait until you have the full story on something before worrying about it.

2. Don’t do what comes naturally

Often, our brains jump to negative and doubtful thoughts because they feel natural and comfortable to us. This is because they are consistent with our typical feelings. When you feel overwhelmed by something, question yourself and your thoughts and try to look at your situation from somebody else’s position. This may help to show you the futility of your point of view.

3. Keep positive company

One of the main causes of constant negativity is the people we spend time with. Hanging out with someone who is prone to pessimism is only going to affect you for the worse. Try and explain to them that their attitude is not only harming themselves, but it’s also putting a downer on you.

4. Stop believing your own rubbish

Letting your imagination run away with itself is the perfect way to entertain vivid pictures of worst-case scenarios – messing up your dream job interview, going cold at a product pitch and so on. Getting into the groove of worrying about the future is a cast iron way to make those nightmares come true.

5. Throw it away (physically)

A good way of de-cluttering your mind of any negativity is to write down on a piece of paper the principal bad thoughts you’ve been worrying about, screwing them up, and actually chucking them in the bin. It might sound silly, but verbalising your pessimism is perfect for getting something off your chest.

Now what?