5 ways to totally outsmart Apple’s 3-year lifespan

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve had more than a few Macbooks and other Apple products in your lifetime. No matter how many times they break or die, you’re an addicted and loyal customer excitedly awaiting the next upgrade. Once you go Mac, you never go back, right?

But sometimes it seems like Apple designs its computers to effectively self-destruct after three to five years, causing no end of frustration and financial woes.

Luckily there are some easy ways to keep your Macbook going strong even after your warrantee ends.

Here are five ways to make sure your Macbook has a long and healthy life.

1. Only open what you’re using

If you’re guilty of having 20 tabs open at once, or never shutting down applications after you’ve opened them, you could be doing damage to your computer. Start closing everything you’re not using – including Wi-Fi.

If you don’t need internet for the moment, turn off your AirPort. Wi-Fi takes up a crazy amount of energy and when your AirPort is on, all of the apps that run when connected to the Internet (like your email programme and web browsers) will purge your computer of power faster than you might imagine.

2. Use the Energy Saver preference

If you’re not already familiar with this ingenious tool, we suggest you get to know it, and quickly. It makes sure your computer is running as effectively as possible, preventing unnecessary battery drainage.

Make sure to turn on the “Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible” and the “Better Battery Life” options. This prevents your hardware from spinning into overdrive (and making that whirring noise) when you aren’t using it.

3. Let it rest

Okay girls, this one’s crucial.  Don’t go to sleep night after night with your computer plugged in. This will kill it faster. Instead, give it a night off once in a while and let it die completely.

Apple views the lifespan of its products in terms of operational hours, not hours of existence. So, if you shut your computer off for 12 hours a day, you are effectively doubling its life span.

4. Unplug

While we’re on the topic of unplugging, make sure not to leave any external things like SD cards, cameras or anything with a USB cord attached to your device once you’re done using them. These suck the life out of your battery.

5. Always update

As soon as your computer asks you to update any applications, programmes or the latest OS version, back up all your important files and jump on it. It will clear all of the random clutter that’s been bogging your Macbook down, and you’ll be left with a lighter, faster computer.

By Reenat Sinay