5 ways to make your weekend feel longer

Ever feel like the weekend is just one big con? Saturday and Sunday can fly by so quickly, it’s as if they never happened. Yeah, us too.

Here are five ways you can milk every extra second of non-work freedom.

1. Ditch the TV

Spending ages in front of a screen is a real time sapper, and that includes surfing the web and playing video games. Get out and do something instead! It’s tempting to cosy up on the sofa in the evening, but the day will be gone and it’ll be Monday morning before you know it.

2. Plan your meals

Preparing lunches and dinners can soak up a lot of free time. If you sort out what you’re gonna munch on in advance, then that time can be spent on something much more worthwhile.

3. Get out of bed

You should really give yourself enough sleep during the week (6-8 hours), so a lie-in isn’t actually needed at the weekend, you’re just being lazy. Seize the day and get up at your normal time, Saturday and Sunday will already seem twice as long!

4. Get the chores done early

Getting up that extra hour early gives you time in the morning to wrap up everything you’d normally leave til later. That means bills, housework, whatever. Then you can spend the rest of the day having fun!

5. No work

Do not, we repeat, do NOT check your emails at the weekend (unless it’s really important). They’re not paying you when you’re at home, and it’s annoying for the people you spend time with, as well as draining your days off. We mean it, don’t.