5 ways to be more decisive now (yep, really!)

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes the very thought of having to choose between two equally good (or terrifying) options is enough to paralyse us. But learning to be more decisive can work wonders for your career – and for your everyday life.

Whether you’re faced with a major, life-changing decision at work, or something as simple as what to make for dinner, being more decisive will save you a lot of time and anxiety. And make you more of a success story.

It’s a key leadership skill that shows confidence and trustworthiness in the office, but it also boosts your self-esteem and helps you believe in yourself.

Here’s how to stop over-thinking and start making strong choices.

>1. Start small

If you’re the kind of person who agonises over things like choosing where to have brunch on Sunday or what to wear to work, then practising these minor everyday decisions will help build your confidence for when you need to make a really tough one.

Start paying attention to all the little choices you make each day, and challenge yourself to decide more quickly, or to stop overanalysing so much.

2. Give yourself a deadline

When struggling with a major decision that you’re absolutely dreading, sometimes the best thing to do is to time yourself. The pressure of a deadline will force you to act without over-thinking.

>3. Trust your gut

If your trusty (and rational) pros and cons list isn’t enough to help you see the light, then decide on instinct. Think about all the different possible outcomes and scenarios, and if there’s one that feels more right than the others, that’s what you should do.

4. Once you’ve chosen, stick with it

Got a tendency to keep overanalysing even after you’ve made your decision? Shut that annoying voice in your head out and tell yourself that there are no wrong choices.

5. Have faith

The more you believe in whatever decision you’ve made, the more right it will feel. Even if it turns out to be a total mistake later on, you’ll have learned something from it and will know better for next time.


We’ll leave you with a bit of Ryan Gosling to ease the pain…