5 ways to instantly boost your mood

Still suffering from a serious case of bank holiday blues? So are we. Sometimes it’s hard to drag yourself out of that funk, especially when you have a ton of work to do and serious bills to pay.

But fear not, as we have come up with five very simple ways to instantly boost your mood and leave you feeling more positive about your day.

1. Smile!

Let’s start with the quickest and easiest trick in the book. It might sound daft and you might also look a little daft if you’re doing this alone in a public place, but it is scientifically proven that smiling makes you happy. So go on, show off those pearly whites! This trick also extends to general behaviour and body language, so start acting happy by sitting up straight, speaking in an upbeat fashion and thinking happy thoughts.

2. Hello H2O

Even the slightest degree of dehydration can have a devastating effect on our general mood and wellbeing. Avoid this by drinking as soon as you’re thirsty, always carrying a water bottle with you and consuming two glasses of water for every cup of coffee. Sugar-free squash can help liven up the taste but plain water is always best.

3. Do something good

People who volunteer tend to be a lot happier than those who don’t. Helping others is not only a wonderful way to do your bit for your community, but it will also leave you feeling great about yourself. Why not pitch in on a weekly basis at your local community centre, sign up to give blood or organise a charity dog walk – every little helps.

4. Test those vocal chords

Whether it’s in the privacy of your shower, on your walk to work or even at your local choir, singing is a fantastic way to lift your mood. An added bonus of this trick is that singing actually helps boost your immunity by increasing antibodies that fight sickness. So pick a belter from your playlist and lose those inhibitions!

5. Get your heart racing

We all know we should be doing more exercise, but this one really works. For a shot of endorphins, head out into the fresh air for a short walk or jog, or, if you’re stuck at work, simply stand up and run on the spot for three minutes. Why not organise a colleague lunchtime stroll in your nearest park – your office will be a much happier and more optimistic place come the afternoon slump.