5 radio shows you NEED to listen to

Who says radio is dying? If you’re into music and interesting discussion then it most definitely isn’t. 

Check out these new radio shows you may not have discovered before.

1. Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service – BBC Radio 6 Music

King of Britpop Jarvis Cocker enthralls the masses at precisely 4pm every Sunday on the BBC’s rock station. Packed full of new music, as well as a few nods to the past, the Pulp frontman’s two hours on the airwaves is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the weekend. And who can resist those dulcet Yorkshire tones anyway?

2. 5 Live Hit list with Emma Barnett – BBC Radio 5 Live

Want to keep up with what’s going on in the world, but Made In Chelsea is more your thing than Newsnight? Well you’re in luck, because Emma Barnett’s Sunday evening show is an ideal rundown of the top 40 news, politics, sport and showbiz stories of the week that have made the biggest splash across social media and online. It gets rid of all the stuffiness of the most newsy programmes and replaces it with a lot of giggles.

3. Lauren Laverne – BBC Radio 6 Music

Another unmissable programme from those over at 6 Music, but this time it’s a morning show for all you early-risers. Not too early we admit, but still, make sure you’re listening to the Scottish DJ’s In Session show every weekday from 10am. It’s a perfect way to catch the best artists live without shelling out for overpriced tickets. Get locked.

4. I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman – Podcast

Alright, it’s technically not something you can tune into at a certain time each week, but hey, it’s the 21st century, so get with the programme. Kirkman’s mini rants are intuitive and laugh-out-loud funny. She’s got sky-high ratings and is one of America’s hottest young comedians. Catch her now before she nets a ton of awards and forgets about her radio fans.

5. Strangers – Podcast (KCRW)

Another podcast to round off this list, but definitely not one to leave out. Award-winning radio host Lea Thau’s storytelling extravaganza documents the heartbreaking and beautiful events when strangers meet and their lives intertwine. It’s all true, and could restore your faith in humanity after a long week listening to your boss rant on about deadlines.

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