Beauty hacks: 5 top skincare tips from Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist

Sick of seeing flawless celebrities flaunting their satin smooth, blemish-free skin on TV? Desperate to clean up your blotchy, stress-ridden visage? Well, you might want to hear what this guy has to say.

LA-based Dr Harold Lancer, dermatologist to the stars including Kim Kardashian, is king of the skincare world. He spoke to Women’s Health about how you can get crystal clear skin without breaking the bank. Here are his top five tips.

1. Understand adult acne

According to Dr Lancer, many women are now suffering from adult acne. So now it’s more important than ever to understand the causes. He lists three major triggers:

Cosmetics – excessive use can really clog up your pores and ruin your skin.

Hormones – Interestingly, some acne can be caused by increased testosterone levels in the body, which, in turn, are often triggered by stress.

Diet – Sugar is a big no-no when it comes to good skincare. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, rein it in.

2. Cream up

Wearing sun cream every day is apparently hugely beneficial to your skin. If there’s enough light that you don’t need electric appliances to see, then Dr Lancer says that’s enough light to damage your skin. So lather up that sun cream and get applying.

3. Good skin is better than good makeup

That’s right, you might look flawless after kitting up in front of the mirror but underneath is where you need to focus, says Dr Lancer.

“The less you wear, the more your skin will be able to breathe and the better your complexion will look,” he explained.

4. Below the (jaw)line

According to the west coast jet setter, women in LA start applying skincare products from the neck down, uncommon elsewhere.

He says to “Apply your skincare and sun protection from your jawline down to your breasts.”

5. Retinol routine

Good news for you youngsters out there. According to Dr Lancer, “After 25 years our body’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production slows – retinol triggers these processes as well as resurfacing the skin.”

Adding in a vitamin A supplement is vital to maintaining un bon visage.

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