5 things you NEVER want to hear if you’re job hunting

You need to look for a job at your own pace. But some people just don’t get that do they?! *insert furious emoji*

Here are 5 things you DO NOT want to hear if you’re job hunting. All you people still looking for graduate jobs need to read this.

1. “How do can you afford to live if you haven’t got a job yet?”

Your response: “Yep, I’m living off my parents. It’s so kind of you to embarrass me like this!”

People need to butt out of your financial situation. So what if you’re still borrowing dosh from your Dad – it’s nobody else’s business.


2. “Wait didn’t you graduate last summer? What have you been doing since?!”

Your response: “I’ve actually just been watching Loose Women and living off Baked Beans and cigarettes for a year. And what?”

So you went travelling for a bit and hung about the house A LOT. Who cares? You needed some recovery time after the stress of uni and now you’re applying for jobs. You’re trying now so that’s all that matters.

>3. “Oh I saw that [insert random company name] is hiring. You should go on some of those job sites”

Your response: “Wow thanks I hadn’t though of checking the job sites. What a great idea!”

You are not an idiot. Don’t let people baby you just because they have jobs already. They’re probably really cr*ppy ones anyway and you’re holding out for something you actually want to do.

>4. “Do you wish you studied something a little more academic at uni?”

Your response: “No!”

You did a degree that you enjoyed, that’s the best thing you could have done. If you had opted for a subject you weren’t keen on, then you would definitely have hated it or maybe even dropped out, so that would have been a silly thing to do.

>5. “How’s the job hunting going?”

Your response: It’s summed up by this gif tbh…


This is the worst as it’s the most common. Also the people asking you this will usually also ask it with a pitiful expression on their face. Bleurgh.