5 things you didn’t know you could do on Instagram

It’s official, Instagram has now overtaken Twitter as the most popular social app on the block. The photo-sharing medium, which is owned by Facebook, now has a user base of a staggering 400 million. That’s more than the population of the UK and America combined! Twitter is now lagging behind with just 316 million users. 

To celebrate Instagram’s success we have rounded up the five things you probably didn’t know you could do on the app. From hiding pictures you were tagged in that you detest, to spying on what your friends are looking at, here are its coolest hidden features.

1. Magic filters away

Bored of seeing the filters that you never choose? Well Instagram actually lets you hide the filters you don’t use. Open a photo ready to edit, scroll to the right in the filters tab and click ‘Manage’. From here you can uptick the filters you no longer want to see. Simple.

2. Bye bye bad tags 

On Facebook most of us make sure we get approval for someone to tag us in a photo. Nobody wants an ugly-angled, poorly-lit shot haunting our Instagram in the ‘Photos of you’ tab. Well you can actually hide those awful pictures. Yay! Go to the ‘Photos of You’ tab, select the photo and show the tags (by tapping once on the pictures). Then tap your name and select ‘Hide from My Profile’ and then click ‘Finished’.

3. Special notifications 

Do you find yourself checking Millie Mackintosh’s flawless profile multiple times a day? You don’t have to feel weird about it now that Instagram notifies you when your faves upload pictures to their profiles. Go to the profile in question, click on the the three dots in the left-hand corner and select ‘Turn on Post Notifications’.

4. No more screenshotting 

Finding a funny picture you wanted to privately show a friend used to involve screenshotting and sending over What’s App. Not anymore. Instagram recently unveiled a cool new feature that allows you to send someone’s photo to a friend, and the person won’t even know that you have done it. Click the arrow button next to a photo (next to ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’) and select the recipient you want to send it to.

5. Spy on your friends

Wondering which photos your friends have been liking? Well you can find out just that. Simply go to ‘Activity’ and scroll left to the ‘Following’ tab. Now you can spy on your friends without them catching you out.