5 things worth staying in for this weekend

Call us boring, but sometimes we like a nice chilled weekend on the sofa. Since the weather has gone a bit gross, there’s not much incentive for us to put on actual clothes.

Since it can’t be all go all the time, we’ve got 5 things worth staying in for this weekend, and no, not all of them are TV-related.

1. Master of None

This Netflix original series follows the misadventures of a 32 year old actor, played by the hilarious Aziz Ansari. Watch for romantic fails and abundant references to Benedict Cumberbatch

2. Have a pamper session

Give your skin a break by having a make up free weekend and an indulgent pamper session. With winter hitting us hard, our skin needs some extra love, so we’ll be spending Sunday cracking out the face masks.

3. Avoid the crowds

What with all the Black Friday deals and less than a month until Christmas, the streets are pretty packed. Best to stay in and avoid the crush. Instead, do your shopping online and shop away in comfort.

4. Get fit for free

If you fancy a work-out before the season of indulgence really begins, but fear the gym, then try getting fit right in your front room. Save on gym membership and avoid feeling fitness intimidation. Right now we’re loving BeFit for great videos and inspiration.

5. Try a new recipe

Why not invite people over and have a cosy night in? You can show off your cooking skills with a new recipe. Turn to SORTEDFood for recipe ideas that fit any skill level.

Now what?