5 thing to do that will help you feel good every single day

Mental wellbeing and happiness go hand in hand, but they are both pretty difficult to achieve. Read our list of five  key things for feeling good on a daily basis.

1. Live in the present

Taking responsibility for your own emotions is the first step towards feeling comfortable with who you are on a daily basis. You can only do this if you forget about what happened to you in the past, and stop fearing the future. You can only control what’s happening to you in the here and now, so focus on it!

2. Laugh

Research shows that children laugh on average 200 times per day compared to 15 times for adults. No wonder kids have more fun! Try and crack a smile once in a while and you’ll instantly feel better!

3. Get inspired

Make sure you have a database of articles, videos or people that instantly make you want to get up and do something with your life. If you don’t have role models or targets, you’re not going to know why or what you’re supposed to be excited about. Even a twitter list of inspiring workers in your field can work wonders.

4. Start your day off happy

If you begin the day with an activity that you know you really enjoy, then you’re far more likely to spend the rest of the day in a good mood. This can mean going for a morning swim  or even just reading your favourite website (aka List for Life) on the train. Life’s too short to spend it doing things you hate.

5. Take risks

If you’re stuck in a rut of work, home, sleep, work, and you just can’t seem to break free, then you need to do something pretty drastic to shake things up. This can mean talking to someone new, setting tough workout goals or maybe asserting yourself when you wouldn’t normally. Anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Now what?