5 things to do on Sundays to get you excited for the week ahead (for real!)

Sunday may be a day of rest but here are five things you should do to get you ready for the week ahead.

From meeting up with friends for a meal to doing some feng shui in your apartment, here are the best things you can do on Sundays. They will leave you ready for a super productive week.

1. Have a good meal

Sit down, share a meal with friends or family and relax. You’ve earned it after a long week. This is your time to catch up with those that you love and have some fun. During the week you have likely been grabbing quick bites to eat and not getting the healthy, nutritional food that your body needs. Enjoy eating in a relaxed atmosphere and you will feel satisfied and chilled out.

2. Tidy up

Even if you didn’t host a wild house party last night, tidying up your home is a great way to boost your productivity levels into the new week. Do the dishes, change your bed sheets, even rearrange the furniture. If you want to go all the way you can even think about feng shui to regain your focus. Organisation will leave you ready and raring to go for the busy week ahead.

3. Treat yourself

Do something you have wanted to do for a while. Get your hair done, go for a manicure, buy that new dress you have been lusting after. Wahanda has some great offers for last minute beauty treatments you should check out. Be selfish and do something just for yourself. You’ll be pleased you did when another busy working week rolls around.

4. Unplug

Take some time to switch off your phone, shut down your laptop and just zone out. You no doubt spend most of the week plugged into your technology so take some much needed time away from it. Read a book, go for a walk in the park, you’ll be surprised at what happens around you when you’re not staring at your phone.

5. Take things slow

If meditation or yoga isn’t your thing just try and do some sort of deep breathing exercises. Regain balance and let go of stress. Focussing on your breathing can help you get rid of stress and it will make you feel healthier and more in control when the work comes around on Monday.

Now what?

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