5 things you should do on Sundays if you want to be successful ☕

Do your weekends consist mainly of sleeping, carbs and Netflix? While Sunday should be all about fun and relaxation, there are certain things successful people do on their days off that you should too.

Here are 5 things that successful people do on their days of rest. Say hello to success now!

1. Successful people spend time with loved ones

Successful people usually work long hours, so they set aside their weekends for family time. Steve Jobs said that “things don’t have to change the world to be important” and that’s what spending time with family and friends is. Even Obama famously makes time to sit down for dinner with his family on Sundays.

What you should do: Go and visit your parents or get your closest friends round for a meal. If you can’t be with those you love, why not Skype them? Strengthening your relationships will make you happier, more positive about your life and will help make next week more productive for you.


2. Get active

Anna Wintour, Vogue US’s editor-in-chief, plays tennis for an hour on Sundays. Richard Branson goes kite surfing on Sundays. An active body = an active mind and successful people know that they need to get out and some exercise on the weekends, because their weeks may be too busy to find the time.

What you should do: Take a spin class or a yoga class if you’re a fitness beginner. If anything it will burn off that burger and beer from Friday night.


3. Shop

Preparation is something that all successful people master. Shopping is a form of preparation and there really is no therapy like retail therapy, after all. Chiara Ferragni, Rihanna and Millie Mackintosh all love doing this on Sundays.

What you should do: Invite a friend with you, hit the shops and forget ALL about the tough week you had at the office.


4. Treat yo’ self

Down time needs to be down time and successful people know that. Your body can’t run on and on and on forever. You need to rest. So where better to totally chill out than at a spa? Enjoy some thinking space whilst you’re there. The author of “The Happiness Project,” Gretchen Rubin, suggests starting a “one sentence journal” to encourage weekend reflection.

What you should do: Treatwell has some amazing spa deals across the country that aren’t actually that pricey. Make sure you embarace JOMO (instead of FOMO, this is the joy of missing out) because it can be wonderful! Be completely lazy – you deserve it after a long working week.


5. Prepare for the week ahead

Success doesn’t fall into people’s laps. It takes time, preparation and usually a lot of hard work. Powerful businesspeople wake up early on a Sunday and prep for the week ahead. The Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey is notorious for his 16-hour work days (yep, seriously) from Monday to Friday but says, “Sunday is about reflections, feedback, strategy and getting ready for the rest of the week.Forget Sunday blues, let’s call it “Sort-Your-Life-Out Sunday.”

What you should do: Not great at keeping yourself organised? These cool apps can help. Do some little jobs so you won’t have to do them on Monday when you really aren’t feeling like it. If you want to be successful you’ve gotta plan.