5 things nobody will EVER tell you about uni

Heading off to university in a few months time? We bet you’ve heard loads of things about what to expect when you arrive. Did your sister’s BFF tell you it will be one long party? Did your friend’s older brother insist it’ll be a lot of hard work? Maybe your cousin goes on about all the Mean Girls-style cliques on day one? 

You probably think you’ve heard it all, but you haven’t. Here are the five things nobody tells you about uni life.

1. You won’t find your friends overnight

Forming a close-knit friendship group takes a bit of time and a lot of trial and error. You will meet a lot of people in Freshers’ Week that you probably won’t ever bump into again…universities are big places! Finding like-minded people will happen, you just need to be patient – so don’t worry if they’re not on your course or in your halls.

>2. The ‘required’ reading list isn’t always required

Lecturers will discuss the most important points in class, and on the whole these things will be in your exams. If you pay attention in class, and take notes on the things discussed you won’t actually have to do all of the ‘required’ reading before your exams roll around.

The same goes for essays – read what’s required for them, you’ll have little time for extra (we promise). Also, do not waste your loan buying brand new copies of texts, because they’ll almost certainly be available in your student library.

3. Sleep should take priority

A study found that 50% of university students reported daytime sleepiness, and 70% attained insufficient sleep. This results in lowered grades.

Make sure you get at least a few early nights each week (alongside ‘sports night’). Beauty sleep is paramount, after all, and you’ll look a whole lot better for it. If you oversleep and miss a lecture it could actually be benefiting you in the long run. However, don’t make it a habit.

>4. You will need alone time

People will tell you that uni life is one long party. Yes there will be a lot of going out, but downtime is also a good idea. Being surrounded by people all of the time can get pretty exhausting.

Make sure you get some peace and quiet to yourself to reflect, rest and pamper yourself a little. Get a ‘do not disturb’ sign for your door and realise that you don’t have to be constantly socialising to be making the most of uni. A little TLC is vital.

5. Don’t be afraid to suck up to your professors

Professors love it when people take the time to talk to them. They spend long periods of time alone working on their research, so most do enjoy speaking to enthusiastic students when they can. Plus, being interested in what they do won’t hurt your grades or those extension requests…duh. So why not?