5 things you MUST take to your first festival

Festival season is upon us, and while Instagram would have us believe festival fashion is all countless glamour and celebrities, the reality can be somewhat different. Your first festival will resemble something closer to finding mud in places you didn’t realise mud could get to and substituting water for Strongbow.

Words: Susannah Keogh 

Follow our guide to ease into the festival life effortlessly, and avoid all the pitfalls WE went through at our first festival.

1. Practicality, not fashion

Those Levi shorts and crop top look great in your bedroom, but in a muddy, rainy field in the middle of nowhere? Nope. Don’t bring that brand new dress you’ve been saving up, or the new suede boots. You’ll either lose them, or a freak rainstorm will run riot. Clothes that are usable, practical and above all else, WARM, should fill your backpack, not this season’s Topshop wardrobe.

first festival

Image credit: RexFeatures

2. Portable chargers

This isn’t glamping. There’s not going to be Iphone charge points at every corner, and when you stumble across one, there’ll be a pretty lengthy queue. Get ahead of the game and invest in a cheap reusable charger.

3. Food

Face the facts, you’ll almost definitely have to buy the majority of overpriced food at the festival, unless eating mouldy bread sounds appealing to you. Pack sensibly when it comes to breakfast and snacks: cereal bars, instant porridge pots and an endless supply of sweets are your friend.

first festival

Image credit: RexFeatures

4. Dry shampoo

But they have showers, I hear you cry! True…but wait until you see them. Aside from the queues, you’re not going to get clean in them, trust me. Suck it up, and go natural for the weekend.

5. Glitter

Festivals, especially first festival experiences, aren’t like everyday life. Forget your inhibitions, and throw on the glitter, face paint, you name it with reckless abandon. Then pose by some arty looking exhibit or by some cows and watch the insta-likes roll in.